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BBQ Dry Rub

Redwood <br><sub>BBQ Dry Rub</sub>

BBQ Dry Rub

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Flavor Profile

Redwood is our old school, competition winning, all-American barbecue rub. Let’s get to the honest truth: this stuff was crafted by us for your soul. It’s a rich, brown sugary blend trapped in the perfect balance between sweet & salty. Dredge everything you love in this magical mix and you will see what we’re talking about. Applewood smoked pork shoulders, chicken quarters and slathered baby back ribs all surrender to the power of Redwood.

Our proprietary blend includes only clean and delicious ingredients: Brown Sugar, Paprika, Pepper, Salt, Garlic, Cumin, Onion, Cinnamon.

Packages are 8oz by volume, 4.4oz by weight, and measure 4.75"x8".

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How we recommend using this rub

Redwood is strictly a barbecue flavor, and it brings that mouthwatering sweet and salty taste you love. Redwood really works best in the smoker to add that perfect smoked barbecue flavor it was designed to have. We've done everything from brisket to pork shoulder to ribs to chicken, and Redwood delivers every time.

If you're doing pulled pork or chicken thighs, always add more Redwood to the shredded meat, and mix in to really ramp up the flavors.
If you're doing ribs, do the typical 225-250° smoke for 4-6 hours. Spray with apple juice every 45-60 minutes as well. The last 1 hour of the smoke, pull the ribs out, baste in either our Abandon Sauce or Sweet BBQ Sauce, then wrap in foil and smoke one more hour. Pull them off the smoker and transfer to a high heat grill to char them up. Baste with more sauce while grilling, but only grill for a minute or two each side.
PORK LOIN Start out with our Pork Finale Marinade. The name says it all. After marinading 12-24 hours, add a liberal coat of Redwood then either smoke or grill the cut. This method has never failed us.