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Our Advantage

We don't look like other spice companies and here's why:

  • Clean ingredients. Nothing else.

    Our ingredients speak for themselves and are clearly labeled on every package we ship out. We use only clean and delicious ingredients – no MSG, no wheat filler, no jokes. Just the goodness.

  • No more boring meals

    Our unique approach to creating taste profiles is yet to be beat. With flavors from sweet & salty to citrus herb to spicy chocolate coffee... your friends and family will be begging for more.

  • Beautiful packaging

    Just like meals, our presentation is as important as the flavors inside. There are no "slap yo mama" taglines or cartoon pigs on our packaging. We've created something you'll be proud to display in your kitchen.

  • Huge taste. Guilt free.

    Eating healthy is a lot of work and a great way to burn out. Not anymore. All of our rubs are sodium/sugar conscious and gluten free. With flavors this savory, you just upgraded your protein game.

How It Works

Cooking incredible meals has never been simpler
Apply Rub

Once you select your protein, simply open up your bag of Dead Rooster Co rub and sprinkle liberally, patting down with your free hand, one side at a time. Be sure to get the sides of the meat as well.

Wait 40 Minutes

Our rubs can be applied just before grilling, but for best results, cover and wait 40 minutes for flavors to take over with our signature flavor power. For steaks, allow to come to room temperature before cooking.


Grilling, smoking, searing, braising... you'll never cook the same again with our spice blends. Check out our shop for cooking recommendations for each rub. After cooking, rest the meat to redistribute juices.

Dead Rooster Nation

Our fans are fiercely dedicated to our magical dry rubs

I am really impressed with the success of Dead Rooster Co.’s Black Gold. They really managed to create a truly well-balanced coffee dry rub and that is really hard to find. Most of the coffee-based dry rubs out here just taste like straight coffee grinds. That is not the case with Black Gold. Additionally, the rub creates a really excellent crust on the meat which adds texture and flavor.

Every bite was a little bit different and a little better than the last. It is definitely one of the more unique rubs I’ve tried recently. Everything out there right now seems to be just a small variation on the same theme, but this rub is just…not the same. Thank goodness. With comments like, “ohmygosh this is so good.” And “what is this seasoned with?!” Dead Rooster Co. may not be the first to hit on the theme of coffee and BBQ, but they certainly have done it right. I CANNOT wait to try their other spice blends.

In a nutshell, we love Olde Tymers on chicken and can't wait to try it on everything else. That hint of spice from the crushed red pepper is lovely. And I’ve already got some veggies, seafood and other things in mind to test.

When I served the steak to my family and friends who were visiting from out of town, they really loved it. It was very bold and deep in flavor, yet it was very smooth. The spices worked very well together to yield a completely unexpected flavor. The spice level of the rub was just right for the depth of its flavor and the heartiness of the meat.