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Outdoor Cooking Adventure

Last weekend we loaded up an all-American crew and hit the upper Buffalo River to get back to nature, do some soul-searching, some cooking and some river swimming. We were searching for the reset button and found exactly what we needed.

Whole Hog Cookout

A couple weeks ago, we headed back out to the farmland where Dead Rooster Co. was born for an all-weekend bachelor party getaway. We've been wanting to test out North Carolina style whole hog barbecue with Dead Rooster Co. for ages, and decided to finally get it going. The results speak for themselves. Absolutely stunning final meal.

Memorial Day 2015

We've asked many military heroes how us average Americans can thank them best. Many respond by saying we should just continue living our lives here. It's an incredibly humble answer, but that's why they do it – to keep us safe and ensure our pursuit of happiness goes on uninterrupted. Not asking for anything in return.