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Black Gold
Spicy Coffee Dry Rub

Black Gold <br><sub>Spicy Coffee Dry Rub</sub>

Black Gold
Spicy Coffee Dry Rub

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Flavor Profile

Black Gold will change your life if you let it and most folks predict it will be the currency of the post-apocalyptic world. Known for its perplexing addictive qualities, Black Gold starts with chocolatey coffee grinds and adds savory spices with a kiss of delicious heat. This rub makes stunning steaks, pork chops and briskets, and defies all logic as a blackened chicken seasoning. We even like to sprinkle a little on our cast iron bacon while saluting the nearest flag.

Our proprietary blend includes only clean and delicious ingredients: Coffee, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cumin, Cayenne, Cinnamon.

Packages are 8oz by volume, 3.6oz by weight, and measure 4.75" x 8".

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How we recommend using this rub
Black Gold is hands down our favorite and most unique rub. It's a semi-spicy chocolate coffee rub, which strangely is incredible on just about anything. Our favorite way to cook is a method that really locks in the flavor profile. First, start out with a high quality cut of steak (ribeye/strip) or pork chop. Follow the steps above, then pan sear the cuts in a butter and olive oil. We use medium-high heat, and only flip the cut once. Black Gold forms a beautiful crust when pan fried, so you'll want to leave the meats alone while cooking so the crust can properly form.
Black Gold is also absolutely incredible when liberally applied to smoked briskets, pork shoulders and brined spatchcocked chickens. No one out there is utilizing coffee rubs in the smoker and we are setting out to revolutionize that sad mistake!
RIBS Ever had coffee ribs? Sounds crazy right? Well we stumbled upon this and it blew our socks off. Like clean off. First, take a quality rack of ribs – our favorite is St. Louis style ribs. Before you add the dry rub, remove the membrane on the back. Coat the ribs liberally and completely with Black Gold, then toss in the smoker. Ideal conditions are 225-250° for 4-6 hours. Once done, pull off the smoker and toss on a high heat grill to add a little char magic to the ribs. Pull the ribs off, and spread a thick coat of local honey on top. We guarantee these will be some of the best ribs you've ever made.