Chuck Odom
Your friends and family will rave about your bold, flavorful cooking talents. Revel in the fame and glory Dead Rooster has provided you. Acknowledge that no other dry rubs compare. Reorder often, and share with others.
Maria Rose
We sell this at our farmer’s market booths with our local meats and people come back for it again and again. Black gold is the crowd favorite, with Olde Tymers in a close second.
Jeff Dingee
Just got my order in the mail and I had only placed it two days ago. That’s awesome service guys!!! Can’t wait to try it out later this week!!!
Cody Worrell
Awesome Rubs! Black Gold is the best rub for Brisket I've ever seen or heard about! Thanks Dead Rooster!
Jenny Umbarger Scott
Omg you all have the try these Rubs. Your meats will never be mediocre ever again.
Bigkat Porter
Guy Fieri may have discovered Flavortown, but these guy's conquered it. Quality rubs for quality Americans.
Jacob Meyer
I used the "Black Gold" rub when I smoked my pork ribs. It was amazing. The best ribs I have ever produced. I can't wait to try all the rubs.
John Timothy Sailsbury
Great rubs. Loved it. Thanks! Looking forward to enjoying some in the near future.
Courtney Winkler
Absolutely the BEST dry rubs out there! The flavors are bold and unique, with different flavors brought out in each meat! You won't find anything like this anywhere else!!
Steven Gomes
I found these guys on Instagram, heard they made a chocolate coffee rub. Tried it and loved it. Bought some for a BBQ buddy of mine and he loved it. Spread the word- it's really really good.
Kate Kennamer
We love the Olde Tymers Rub on chicken and steak! So much flavor!
Ryan Brady
These are the best rubs out! Don't try with your socks on. These rubs will blow them completely off on the first taste.
Ryan Lasarsky
Great rubs made by really cool people who have invested time and effort to be the best they can be!
Barrett Young
This stuff is so fantastic. I've got a bag of 38th Parallel I've been rationing because I'll be so sad when it's gone. Black Gold is life.
Thembi Johnson
Oh how I missed them during their sabbatical but I'm so happy they are back. This brand is my go to seasoning for potatoes and chicken. Just on point. Try it I'm sure you'll like it.
David Oxley Jr.
They are absolutely the best rubs for any occasion!!!!!!
Paul Rodriguez
These are the #1 best meat sprinkles money can buy.
Kyle Haselbarth
Awesome product! It really is a must try!!
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