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Sampler Pack
Bundle And Save

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The Sampler Pack includes three packs of our signature dry rubs. Try one of each, or triple-down on your favorite blend!

Black Gold will change your life if you let it and most folks predict it will be the currency of the post-apocalyptic world. Known for its perplexing addictive qualities, Black Gold starts with chocolatey coffee grinds and adds savory spices with a kiss of delicious heat. This rub makes stunning steaks, pork chops, and briskets, and defies all logic as a blackened chicken seasoning. We even like to sprinkle a little on our cast iron bacon while saluting the nearest flag.

Olde Tymers is the original classic and as we like to say, “good on err-thang.” It’s a beautifully textured blend of coarse salt and pepper, savory herbs, hints of citrus and subtle heat. This brings out the finest flavors in everything it touches: perfect steaks, roasted chicken, flame-grilled veggies and compound butter. Ready to start doing things the right way? Do what we did: make Olde Tymers your new kitchen staple.

Redwood is our old school, competition-winning, all-American barbecue rub. Let’s get to the honest truth: this stuff was crafted by us for your soul. It’s a rich, brown sugary blend trapped in the perfect balance between sweet & salty. Dredge everything you love in this magical mix and you will see what we’re talking about. Applewood smoked pork shoulders, chicken quarters and slathered baby back ribs all surrender to the power of Redwood.

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