Retail Case - 24

  • Retail Case - 24

Retail Case - 24

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  • Retail Case - 24 (USA) $160.00
  • Retail Case - 24 (Canada) $160.00
  • Retail Case - 24 (UK) $160.00


Wholesale cases include 24 total 8oz packs of all three of our signature dry rubs: Black Gold, Old Tymers, Redwood. By default, this is 8 of each rub, but if you'd like to change which rubs come in this pack, please specify in the Additional Details during checkout.


Black Gold is our most unique blend and surprises with an incredible flavor. We've passed this around a lot of circles and no lie, this stuff is addictive. Using chocolate coffee grinds as the foundation, we added savory complementary spices and topped it off with a touch of delicious heat. This makes one stunning steak and also works wonders as a chicken blackening season. Seriously. This is life-changing.

Olde Tymers is the original classic. We envisioned what the best steak ever tasted like and sought out to create that flavor. What we came up with is our new kitchen staple. We start with your basic coarse salt and pepper and add hints of citrus, dill, subtle heat and much more. This does nothing but bring out the finest flavor of steak and chicken and can absolutely perfect vegetables.

Redwood is our old school barbeque rub that creates amazing pork loins and killer ribs. Dredge your pork cuts in this magical mix, then hit them with a good sear to form one incredible brown sugar based crust.

8oz by volume per pack.