How To Use

Step 1 - Tenderizing

Before we season our meats, we like to do a little tenderizing. This is as simple as piercing all the sides with a fork. This helps tenderize tougher cuts of meat and helps them open up to the spices.

Step 2 - Rubbing The Meat

Individually season each cut one by one, sprinkling the rub straight out of the Dead Rooster Co. packaging onto the meat and patting/rubbing in the spices evenly with your free hand. We like to hit the sides of our cuts too, being generous with the amount of rub used.

Step 3 - Wrap & Rest

Pile all that rubbed goodness into some plastic wrap and toss it back in the fridge to rest. We like to let the cuts sit for 1-2 hours. This helps absorb the most flavor without the salt dehydrating the meat. When cooking beef, it's safe to leave the meat wrapped and on the counter, bringing it closer to room temperature to cook.

Step 4 - Cooking

Cooking your meats is your business and everyone has their own perfected methods. Dead Rooster Co. rubs go excellent with all cooking styles though - smoking, grilling, braising, pan searing. As long as the final product is delicious, we won't ask how you got there. But for now, here are our recommended ways to start out using Dead Rooster Co. dry rubs in your kitchen:

Black Gold

STEAKS, PORK CHOPS: Black Gold is hands down our favorite and most unique rub. It's a semi-spicy chocolate coffee rub, which strangely is incredible on just about anything. Our favorite way to cook is a method that really locks in the flavor profile. First, start out with a high quality cut of steak (ribeye/strip) or pork chop. Follow the steps above, then pan sear the cuts in a butter and olive oil. We use medium-high heat, and only flip the cut once. Black Gold forms a beautiful crust when pan fried, so you'll want to leave the meats alone while cooking so the crust can properly form.

SMOKED MEATS: Black Gold is also absolutely incredible when liberally applied to smoked briskets, pork shoulders and brined spatchcocked chickens. No one out there is utilizing coffee rubs in the smoker and we are setting out to revolutionize that sad mistake!

RIBS: Ever had coffee ribs? Sounds crazy right? Well we stumbled upon this and it blew our socks off. Like clean off. First, take a quality rack of ribs – our favorite is St. Louis style ribs. Before you add the dry rub, remove the membrane on the back. Coat the ribs liberally and completely with Black Gold, then toss in the smoker. Ideal conditions are 225-250° for 4-6 hours. Once done, pull off the smoker and toss on a high heat grill to add a little char magic to the ribs. Pull the ribs off, and spread a thick coat of local honey on top. We guarantee these will be some of the best ribs you've ever made.

Olde Tymers

STEAKS, CHICKEN: Olde Tymers really captures perfect savory flavor that you crave. We use this mainly on beef or chicken cuts. Like Black Gold, pan searing in butter and olive oil is one of the best ways to lock in the flavor and form the succulent crust. There's really nothing quite like the herb induced taste of Olde Tymers chicken thighs or steak.

BURGERS: Olde Tymers also makes life-changing hamburgers. We really mean that. Take a quality ground beef, add small cubes of delicious cheddar and Olde Tymers. Then add more Olde Tymers (we always use a lot more than we expect to when making burgers). Form the patties, then refrigerate for another 30 minutes to help the flavors work out and keep the patties sturdy. Then, toss on the grill and create the best cheese-in burgers you've ever assembled. Trust us on this!

VEGETABLES, ALL PURPOSE SPICE: Olde Tymers has so many more uses outside of cooking meat though! In our kitchen, we have more or less replaced our salt/pepper with Olde Tymers. This should become the go to all purpose spice in your kitchen as well. We use this every time we roast vegetables which is a great place to start! A favorite of ours is to take brussel sprouts, quarter them, add olive oil and plenty of Olde Tymers – then place in a bag, shake well, then pour on an oiled pan and oven roast. This is such a simple way to create amazing side dishes, and works wonders when added to mashed potatoes, hand-cut fries and so much more.


Redwood is strictly a barbecue flavor, and it brings that mouthwatering sweet and salty taste you love. Redwood really works best in the smoker to add that perfect smoked barbecue flavor it was designed to have. We've done everything from brisket to pork shoulder to ribs to chicken, and Redwood delivers every time.

SMOKED PORK, CHICKEN THIGHS: If you're doing pulled pork or chicken thighs, always add more Redwood to the shredded meat, and mix in to really ramp up the flavors.

RIBS: If you're doing ribs, do the typical 225-250° smoke for 4-6 hours. Spray with apple juice every 45-60 minutes as well. The last 1 hour of the smoke, pull the ribs out, baste in either our Abandon Sauce or Sweet BBQ Sauce, then wrap in foil and smoke one more hour. Pull them off the smoker and transfer to a high heat grill to char them up. Baste with more sauce while grilling, but only grill for a minute or two each side.

PORK LOIN: Start out with our Pork Finale Marinade. The name says it all. After marinading 12-24 hours, add a liberal coat of Redwood then either smoke or grill the cut. This method has never failed us.

38th Parallel

38th Parallel is a crazy blend of flavor, focused specifically on a Korean BBQ profile. It's a mix of traditional and aromatic eastern spices, but we don't stop there. With a base of brown sugar, it's immediately elevates with black tea leaves, which build body into the flavor with a subtle earthy touch. We dropped in ground ghost pepper as well, commonly known as the bhut jolokia. AKA the first pepper to scientifically test at over 1,000,000 Scoville units. What's nice about the blend we created is that although you feel a nice burn, it's not overwhelming or unbearable. We've tested this with people sensitive to heat and even they love the flavor. It's an interesting level of heat you've got to try. Now, some recommendations on cooking:

BRAISED PORK SHOULDER BÁNH MÌ SANDWICHES: One of our favorite uses for 38th Parallel is bánh mì sandwiches. Start with a quality pork shoulder from your local butcher. We recommend doing the braise with traditional mirepoix, vegetable stock, and get this: pears. Elevates flavors like nothing else on a 38th Parallel braise. Build your bánh mì sandwiches with the baguette, kimchi, thin cucumber slices, pickled carrots and jalapeño aioli. These are incredible.

PORK CHOPS: Use the tested method and coat your chops in 38th Parallel 2 hours before cooking. Leave the connective tissue and fat on the chops, but slice through that every 3 inches so your chop doesn't curl up while cooking. We recommend either grilling over the open flame or pan searing in butter and olive oil. Butter and toasted sesame seed oil is another fantastic variation for pan searing as well.

CHICKEN: Use the same method as mentioned above for chicken breasts or thighs. Or to really knock it out of the park and keep your meal on a killer budget, do some 38th Parallel wings. You can either toss the wings with rub and olive oil, and bake in the oven or grill; or if you own a deep fryer, fry those bad boys up then toss in the rub when they come out. For bonus treats, whip up a serrano pepper and maple syrup dipping sauce. If your friends dig spicy flavors, they'll keep coming back for these.

Questions or recommendations?

If you ever have questions or need help with using our rubs, please don't hesitate to email us! And be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag @deadroosterco in your creations!